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Double Pack NACLO-OXYMMS Liquid Oxygen 200ml 2 pieces

Double Pack NACLO-OXYMMS Liquid Oxygen 200ml 2 pieces

Naclo Health Products

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Our Brand NACLO Health Products deals with the below list of products

-    Colloidal Gold
-    Colloidal Silver
-    Colloidal Copper
-    Monoatomic Colloidal Gold
-    Colloidal Ocean mineral
-    Colloidal Silver Spray
-    Sea Mineral Cream
-    Mystique Hydration Mist
-    Liquid Oxygen Supplement

In our everyday life, we need Oxygen supply for our body to boost our energy, immunity and much more. By using our NACLO-OXYMMS you will feel a new energy level increase in your body and it will boost your immune system

There is no side effects are no harmful interactions with other drugs, nutrients or therapies.

NACLO Health Products Follows Australian Food Safety Standards and our products are well-tested to ensure their purity from a certified testing laboratory.

How it works?

To understand the real value of oxygen, one must understand the effect of oxygen on each type of bacteria. There are innumerable bacteria represented in each type. Aerobic bacteria are the friendly bacteria - the beneficial bacteria of the soil, the earth, the water, the food, and the body. Aerobic bacteria are the normal flora of the body and cannot survive without the presence of oxygen.

Anaerobic bacteria are the disease, infectious, putrefying and contamination bacteria of the earth in water, food and in the body. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. However, there are anaerobic bacteria which can live in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, but they are not disease and infectious bacteria.

They could be part of the normal flora of the skin and of the bowel.

Oxygen deficiency, or oxygen starvation, can be the single greatest cause of poor health. Oxygen plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the our total health system. It is the source of life and energy to all cells. Bodily abuse through eating and drinking habits including pollutants and toxic preservative in our water and food, air pollution, use of drugs and lack of exercise can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen available to the cells.

When there is insufficient oxygen to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to another source of energy, usually sugar fermentation. This is an undesirable source of energy which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak.

Thus cells lose their natural immune ability. They open their doors to the invasion of viruses, for a virus can only develop within a cell. Thus development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for health challenges.

How to Use?

  1. To purify of potable water with 20 drops per 4 litres.

  2. To purify of questionable water with 10 drops / 250 ml serving (mountain streams and in Third World countries).

  3. For water storage with 10 drops per 4 litres.

  4. For mouthwash with 8 drops per 100ml of water and gargle for 60 seconds.


No therapeutic claims are made and no medical advice is offered. If you have a health problem, we recommend seeking medical advice from your qualified health professional. This information is strictly a source of general information and is not intended for use as a tool for self-diagnosis.

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