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Stabilised Oxygen (MMS)

"Stabilized Oxygen  is a safe, non-toxic stabilized liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen"

NaClO2=Na sodium Cl chlorine O2 oxygen.

Naclo2 is sodium chlorite or stabilised oxygen.

Stabilized Oxygen is an non-toxic stabilized liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen.

It’s multi-purpose properties act as a rapid oxygenator and purifier of liquids.

Stabilized Oxygen  is proving itself as one of the most remarkable products of this decade. It is well known that Oxygen provides numerous life giving benefits, most of which are not permissible to be stated in this article.

In fact, stabilized oxygen undiluted is not permitted in Australia as a health supplement to be consumed by humans.

Its main purpose is the purification of fluids. Although in diluted form it is used as a spray on fruits... Read more

Colloidal Silver

"The mighty germ fighter"

Naclo's Australian Colloidal Silver tested at 80 Milligrams per litre is the most concentrated silver on the market today. Making it the best value for money Colloidal Silver in Australia.

Silver is our mightiest germ fighter - ref. Science Digest March 1978. as an antibiotic silver kills over 650 disease associated organisms. Resistant strains fail to develop. Silver has been used for thousands of years with no side effects. Absolutely NON-TOXIC.

A potent yet non toxic natural antibiotic, proven effective against bacteria, viruses,and fungi.

Before mining nature provided The precious minerals as part of its purification of our waterways.. Silver our mightiest germ fighter Ref Science Digest March 1978 as an antibiotic, silver kills over 650 disease associated organisms resistant... Read more

Colloidal Copper

"Fountain Of Youth" Mineral

Copper is an essential nutrient needed for red blood cells, protein metabolism, enzymes, hair & skin colour, and healthy nerves. Copper has traditionally been used for arthritis, grey hair, sagging skin and wrinkles, burns and as a general health tonic.

Naclo Health Product’s Colloidal Copper is custom electrically manufactured using no chemicals and only 99.99% ultrapure source metal. Our copper analysis report from Southern Cross University's Environmental Lab tested as:

(milligram per litre)

Total Copper - 1.994mg/l, Dissolved Copper - 0.635mg/l, Colloidal Copper - 1.994mg/l

Copper is an essential trace element. Human organs with the highest concentrations are kidney and liver, followed by brain, heart and bone in that order. These organs contain more than half the copper... Read more

Colloidal Ocean Minerals

The most complete of all mineral and trace element tonics in the world.

Ocean Minerals are a rich source of essential minerals and trace elements, derived by natural process from Clean Antarctic waters. All the minerals and trace elements in the Ocean Minerals are in a water-soluble form and thus more easily absorbed by the body. Taken daily, they can provide minerals and trace elements sometimes lacking in our diet.

Ocean Minerals are a rich natural and concentrated source of all the minerals and trace elements in the oceans.

Derived by evaporation process from clean Antarctic originated water processed in South Australia away from all towns and pollution. The Colloidal minerals are very easily absorbed and... Read more